Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Walkin' Wednesday 2017

 Some Monday shots - 

 And now some Tuesday -

 Mom watched as The Parent khonsumed much of The Fish - and it was khwite sushi like - with tail flipping thruout!


 TWO!  Now fur the real fun to start!


 Mom got this new mat at BJ's on our Tuesday ROTE - it is made in KHANADA - of 95% recykhled stuff - tires!   And with the khlipless khoupon, only $7.99!!!
What a big paw woo have!  Must have been styled on a BEAR!

Since it had showered ovFUR night, it was too wet to walk in the AM - so we did a ROTE khomplete with recykhling/BJ's/Giant - Mom was furry proud oh her shopping prowess - got a furry nice selekhtion of stuff fur all of US - of khourse, most of it was hers but she didn't FURget us!

Happy Wednesday EvFURRYone!

PeeEssWoo: YES, khome on Saturday night!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Tuesday Telling

 Well, as expekhted...morning did bring Spring AND...


 So furry where is Mom with the food!?!

 Hey - nothing to see here fur khwite some time - keep watching those other birds!
 SUNday morning fun -

Thinking about all of our FURiends North of The Rainbow Bridge -
Happy Tuesday EvFURRYone!


Monday, March 20, 2017

Monday MOMandMEandHERandTHEMday

 Early SUNday morning, it twas SNOWING again - so The Eagle On Watch was using the wings to keep the about to pip eggs khovered!
 And we will khall this khlutch khomplete - FoUR - 

 Woo khan see the spot on the right egg where the shell is giving way - all of the woomans on their FB page are going KHRAZY watching them - and LISTENING to them - they are definitely about ready to face The World - some are spekhulating they may pip out at the same time - in fakht, as woo read this, they might be out now!

 We set a rekhord fur khraziness Saturday night - let's just say if our paws had opposable thumbs, woo would see THREE nappers - I would be one - 
 Holly would be two - and number three - well, I know woo know it would be Mom!
 Here Molly - fur your special mom!
 Bloom #2 on the way -

Later today, we welkhome SPRING in our hemisphere - so we'll be PAWticipating in the Siberian Husky Memorial Khandle Celebration at 8pm!

Please join us!

As fur 'them' - Mom left us a bit prior to 6pm - she needed to fetch the paper and some gas fur The Zen-terra - but she did khome home before midnight - akhtually, it was a few hours prior to - The Nice Linda Lady thanked us in a text SUNday morning when she saw our post - Mom was just glad to be able to help!

Happy Monday EvFURRYone!

Mom wanted to prove she was home as she said she would be - she swiped out 10:20pm :-)  So FoUR hours fur her - okay by us!