Thursday, April 26, 2018

Thursday Thinking


 Mom got one this in the late afternoon; the rest were from the morning -
 Cheers from Pub on The Trail - or as we nikhkname it - the grilled cheese and wing place - but not this week!
 Mom had some Rusted Rail Fool's Gold - yummmmers - PEANUT BUTTER hefeweizen -
 She had some Khat Rice soup -
 Fred had beer battered shrimpies and veggies 
 Mom got steak and cheese egg rolls -Auntie Di had left after having a beer to go meet The Nice Nancy Lady and Joseph for dinner -
 Tuesday they met their dad fur breakfast -

Resting up - I've heard khamp starts tomorrow - 

Happy Thursday EvFURRYone!


Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Walkin' Wednesday 2018

 Baby pikh!
 Both pawrents helping with feeding time ;-)
 On our Earth Day walk - Rogue's house 

 And Monday's walk -

 OH SO BLURRY MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-(
Khousin Emmy and Auntie Di -

Mom wanted to get more pikhs on Tuesday - we got TWO walks even with the threat of rain - but the KhrakhkBerry was dead - akhtually turned itself on when Mom tried to take some tulip pikhtures -

AND with Now Angel Harley (NAH)'s birthday khoming up this weekend - and from what I've heard Auntie Di and Mom say, KHAMP KHYRA with Khousin Bentley - we've pulled out a video from WooTube with B and NAH 

We hope woo enjoy!


That day again but 


Happy Wednesday EvFURRYone!


Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Tuesday Telling

 This was from SUNday night -
 Now the Monday pikhtures -
 Yes, all FoUR have let the'fun' begin!

Yep, it don't get much khuter!

Our Monday inkhluded TWO walks...and naps...and vakhuuming...and washing of the beds...and dinner with Fred - well, Mom went..we stayed behind and kept The Khottage khompany!

Happy Tuesday EvFURRYone!


Monday, April 23, 2018

Monday MOMSandMEandHERSandTHEMday

 Yes: THEM! 

 Mom khouldn't stop taking skhreen shots of THEM -

 As of the time I pawed this in place, THAT egg had not hatched but the white spot looks furry promising - of khourse, Mom will keep chehking!

 Why did this remind us of a Lakie FURiend from DaBurgh?
And this is where I spent Saturday night - although this is from another day last week - something about Mom being too khomfy on the khouch to leave it to bug - I mean photo me?!?

We had a pawesome SPRING SUNday - they say we should have another beWOOty today - then more rain - oh well!

We walked - each had a piece of toast WITH PEANUT BUTTER smeared on it - then Auntie Di and Mom walked to Sheetz fur stuff - Mom and Auntie Di took The KhrossTrek fur a shower down the street - when they  khame bakhk, it was Cholla's turn - bakhk they went!

It was so nice the doors were left open with the skhreen pulled down too - so much niceness!

AND since I pawed this together fur 12mn publishing, WE WENT FUR ANOTHER WALK - prior to dinner!

Happy Monday EvFURRYone!